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Are Robotic Cars the Answer to California DUI?

Posted by attorney Thomas Wallin

While robotic cars may not be coming to California quite yet, neighboring Nevada is taking significant steps to pave the way for self-driving cars.

The state recently passed legislation that would allow the state's Department of Transportation to setup rules and safety standards for automated self-driving cars, according to IB Times San Francisco.

One of the advantages touted by Google with regard to its robotic self-driving vehicles is a reduction of drunk driving accidents and fatalities. It is predicted that the use of robotic drivers can eliminate accidents due to faster and more accurate response time. In addition, the incidence of drunk driving accidents could be greatly reduced if the self-driving car proves to be a convenient option of transportation.

As we previously mentioned on this blog, Google is leading the charge with respect to the manufacture and testing of automated robotic cars. Its test vehicles have already logged 140,000 miles on the roads of California.

It is unclear when the robotic vehicles may actually become reality. For now, we advise you to find a human designated driver.

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