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Applying for Supplemental Security Income Benefits

Posted by attorney Brenton Adams

Raleigh disability attorneys can tell you the requirements that may qualify you for supplemental security income benefits. These are monthly payments from the Social Security Administration with money used from the United States Treasury. The application process may seem fairly easy at first, but there are requirements in order to qualify for benefits. Raleigh disability attorneys can help you with the process.

Supplemental Security Income Benefits Eligibility Guidelines

There are strict guidelines regarding eligibility for supplemental security income benefits. You must be either blind, disabled or at least age 65. You also must have limited income. Each state has its own income limits, and if you are married, some of your spouse’s income is included. If you are a minor, your parents’ income may be included.

The value of your resources is a factor in your eligibility. The Social Security Administration will look at your bank accounts, real estate, stocks and bonds to determine if your assets are less than the limit of $2,000, or $3,000 for a couple. Your house and vehicles typically are excluded in the resources.

Other restrictions apply. You typically must be a citizen of the United States, although non-citizens may be able to qualify in some cases. If you live in an institution, you most likely will qualify for some supplemental security income benefits. The exception is if you live in a halfway house or other public institution. Raleigh disability attorneys can determine your eligibility for supplemental security income benefits.

Applying for Supplemental Security Income Benefits

There are several ways in which you can apply for benefits. If you are computer-savvy, you might find it convenient to apply online. You also can call and make an appointment for an interview with a representative of the Social Security Administration. Others may feel more comfortable speaking with a field office representative in person at a local office.

There are many things you will need to bring with you or have on hand, if you are applying online or over the phone. These include:

· Social Security number;

· proof of age, such as a birth certificate;

· proof of citizenship;

· proof of income;

· mortgage information;

· bank information; and

· contact information for your doctors.

Contacting a Lawyer

Statistics show that nearly 70 percent of initial applications are denied. This is often because of missing information. This shows the importance of having a lawyer help with the process so you can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your disability. Disability attorneys are knowledgeable of the Social Security laws in your state and can inform you of which laws apply to your case.

Brent Adams & Associates are Raleigh disability attorneys who can help you receive the supplemental security income benefits you deserve. They can guide you through the disability claim process. Contact the office today at 1-910-892-8177.

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