Allied Interstate, Inc is Harassing Me - HELP!

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Under the FDCPA, Can Allied Interstate Call me at Work?

No, Allied Interstate cannot call you at work if your employer prohibits personal calls and/or Allied Interstate knows this. If Allied Interstate calls you at work after you tell them to stop, they have broken the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


When else is a debt collector unable to call me at work?

Allied Interstate is unable to call you at work once you tell them to stop calling you there. If Allied Interstate, Inc. calls you at work after you tell them to stop, they have broken the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Can Allied Interstate Call my Family Members?

No, generally speaking, Allied Interstate, Inc. cannot call your family members!


Can Allied Interstate threaten to contact my family members and tell them I owe a debt?

No, under the FDCPA, Allied Interstate, Inc. cannot threaten to take any action that they are unable to do so. Since Allied Interstate, Inc. is not able to contact your family members and tell them that you owe a debt, they cannot threaten to do so.


Can Allied Interstate, Inc. threaten to sue me?

No, under the FDCPA, Allied Interstate cannot threaten to sue you since they are not attorneys. They are allowed to tell you, in limited circumstances, that they are going to refer the file for a litigation review but Allied Interstate, Inc. is not permitted to threaten legal action against you. This also precludes them from threatening to garnish your wages, putting a lien on your house, or making any other legal based threats.


What should I do if I believe Allied Interstate Violated the FDCPA?

Get in touch with a consumer attorney. I would be happy to speak with your for free to help you determine whether or not you have a case. However, it is more important that you do SOMETHING to fight back rather than WHO you hire to do it. There are a bunch of fantastic consumer attorneys that will smack Allied Interstate in the fact for abusing you. Keep in mind, when you speak to an attorney do not exaggerate your claims. The truth is more valuable than you exaggerating it.


If I fight back against Allied Interstate will they take action against me?

No! Allied Interstate is a third party debt collector. Just because you stand up for your rights doesn't mean that they are going to be harsher in their collection efforts against you. Most of the time when a consumer brings a FDCPA claim against a debt collector the account is immediately sent back to the original creditor. Since it is the Creditor's decision on how to handle the account anyway, you standing up for your rights against Allied Interstate will likely not effect that decision.


If I have a successful case against Allied Interstate how much money will I get?

The FDCPA provides for Statutory Damages UP TO $1,000, Actual Damages, and Attorney Fees and Costs. That's right - they are required to pay your attorney fees! That is another interesting note.....Make sure the consumer attorney you hire is willing to take your case on a Contingency Fee - Meaning they only get paid if they win your case!


Is there anything else I should know about Allied Interstate?

Allied Interstate, Inc. is a third party debt collector. Although generally I've found their operations to be compliant with the FDCPA, there is always a bad apple in a bunch. As such, if you are getting harassed by Allied Interstate, Inc. they might even thank you for bringing it to their attention so they can fire that collector. Imagine if that collector is making a hundred out bound calls a day, he is likely violating the FDCPA dozens and dozens of times daily. So, by standing up against that collector you are not only standing up for your rights, helping prevent future consumer from being harassed, and at the same time you are actually helping Allied Interstate, Inc. find their bad apples. Allied Interstate Hates Us. Debt Collectors Hate Us. But, they won't hate you!

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