In the event that a prenuptial agreement was not signed, or a previously-arranged monetary agreement was established, the wealthier individual in a divorced couple may be required to reimburse the other individual in the event of a divorce settlement. Akin to a child support settlement, certain terms and agreements can be instituted, which provide for a framework of payment options and details, both privately established or through litigation. Once alimony is established, there exist multiple types of alimony payments, ranging from short-term to long-term. Other types of alimony differ in nature, sometimes commensurate on the length of the marriage, and other times in retribution to certain events that took place within the scope of the marriage. Even the duration of the alimony payment is taken into consideration, ranging from a temporary to permanent status. Although no alimony settlement in set in stone, modifications to the settlement itself are often very complicated, and usually result in subsequent court hearings.