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ALEXANDER COUNTY, NC Alcohol Assessing Agencies and/or ADETS Education Organizations 2013

Posted by attorney F. Powers

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The SASSI is a brief self-report, easily administered psychological screening

measure that is available in separate versions for adults and adolescents. The

Adult SASSI-3 helps identify individuals who have a high probability of having

a substance dependence disorder with an overall empirically tested accuracy

of 93 percent. The Adolescent SASSI-A2 is designed to identify individuals who

have a high probability of having a substance use disorder, including both

substance abuse and substance dependence, with its decision rules yielding

an overall accuracy of 94 percent. The SASSI includes both face valid and subtle

items that have no apparent relationship to substance use. The subtle items are

included to identify some individuals with alcohol and other drug problems who

are unwilling or unable to acknowledge substance misuse or symptoms associated

with it. Support materials for the SASSI include User’s Guides containing easy-tounderstand instructions for administering, scoring, interpretation, and Manuals

providing comprehensive information on development, reliability, and validity.

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Periodic Listing of Agencies / Organizations That Perform Alcohol Assessments and/or offer Education Consistent with A.D.E.T.S. Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School in ALEXANDER COUNTY North Carolina

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