Cost effective

The average cost of a contested divorce can cost you thousands of dollars. By using a mediator to assist you through the process, you have control over the cost and can finalize your divorce in one (or more if necessary) sitting.


Faster than using the courts

Some say the divorce rate has risen to a staggering 75%. Thus, you can imagine the back log of the courts when processing divorce cases. When filing a request for temporary orders, the court will usually provide you with a hearing date approximately 6-8 weeks away. When you need immediate results, this delay can affect your case and the outcome. An attorney at Claery & Green, LLP can mediate your divorce in a timely manner. You will feel much better when your matter is resolved quickly, rather than dragging it out for several months or even years.


Control over the outcome

When allowing a judge to decide your matter, you are putting your fate in their hands. Why not maintain control over what could be the most important matter of your life? You can do this by using a mediator to assist you and your spouse with coming to an agreement.


Less stressful and emotional

A contested divorce can be very stressful on the parties and the children, especially when adversarial attorneys are involved to advocate on behalf of their client. Claery & Green, LLP can assist you through this process by providing a mediator that is fair and impartial to both parties, thus reducing the stress and emotions that are heightened by litigation.


Private and confidential

When appearing in court, you are in a public forum. There will likely be others in the courtroom with you, listening to the information you provide to the judge. Mediating your issues in the privacy of the mediator's office will ensure that your matter is kept confidential.


More beneficial for children

Litigation takes a toll on parents. Often times, parents become hostile towards one another during a custody battle and use the children as pawns to get their way. This has a negative effect on the children involved. Mediation can help streamline the process and assist the parties to work together for the benefit of the children.


Ability to create a settlement that is specific to your needs

A judge is bound by certain rules when making orders regarding your divorce. There are certain aspects of your case that a judge has little to no control over. During the mediation process, you have more flexibility with child custody, child support, spousal support, division of property, attorney fees, etc. A mediator at Claery & Green, LLP can help you tailor a settlement to fit your family's needs.