Accused of Domestic Violence in Arizona

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If convicted of a domestic violence crime in Arizona, the consequences can be life altering. Some of the possible punishments can include:

  • Jail/prison time,

  • Hefty fines,

  • Mandatory treatment programs,

  • Anger management therapy,

  • Community service,

  • Probation, and

  • Loss of the right to own a gun.

Domestic violence offenders can also face limitations in the future, long after the conclusion of their case. A criminal record for domestic violence sometimes causes problems for a person when they try to pursue education and job opportunities. In addition, offenders will generally face restrictions when it comes to contacting the victim or returning to the location of the crime, even if it’s a home or workplace. Domestic violence offenses may also affect child visitation rights.

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The Consequences of Domestic Violence in AZ

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