Got Divorce Blues? Here's the remedy...JOIN A GYM

Exercise Improves Your Mood - Increased endorphins; Exercise Helps Manage Your Weight - Lose pounds; Exercise Boosts Your Energy Level - Lack of sleep, stress, and emotional ups and downs make energy levels deplete quickly. Recharge with a workout at the gym; Exercise Promotes Better Sleep - Disrupted sleeping patterns are no stranger for anyone going through a divorce. Exercise will help; Exercise Can be Fun - Exercise doesn't need to be boring. From the many different activities to choose from pick a gym that has the one(s) you enjoy. Check it out and find something that interests you. By finding group activities to participate in you can also build new relationships; Exercise Promotes Confidence - When you look and feel good you have confidence; Exercise helps Manage Depression and Sad feelings - even if your marriage wasn't a good one and you are better off without this relationship in your life, it still represents the "end" of something which requires a grieving period.


More remedies to consider...

Get involved in a support group; Get active in your local community or church; Get back into a hobby which your spouse didn't enjoy so you gave up on; Get organized by taking care of those projects you had put off; Get involved in something you are passionate about to shift your focus; Get POSITIVE- POSITIVE thoughts bring POSITIVE results in life; Get a therapist or counselor to help you through this transition, it is not a sign of weakness. No one gets married planning to get divorced, everyone could use additional support during this phase by a trained professional; Get Back in touch with old friends who you didn't have the time to keep up with; Get Back to School- even if it just one college course you always wanted to take at the local community college.