What Is Medical Malpractice?

A brief explanation of what constitutes Medical Malpractice


Is It Possible To Sue The VA For Medical Malpractice?

A brief explanation on whether you may have a case.


What is The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)?

A. History and Purpose of the Act B. Requirements For A Claim Under The Act C. Scope And Authority Of The Act


Were You Injured By The VA's Medical Malpractice?

A. Actionable Damages Under FTCA B. Damages Available Under FTCA


Who Caused The Injury?

A. Must Be Government Employee (Of The VA) B. Acting Within The Scope Of His Office Or Employment


Where Did The Injury Take Place?

A. Must Have Been Under The Control Of The U.S. Government B. Exception: Foreign Country Claims Are Barred


How Long Ago Did The Injury Take Place?

A. Statute of Limitations


Are You Eligible To File An Action For Medical Malpractice Against The VA?

A. Proper Claimants B. Rights Of Other Parties To File On Behalf Of Injured Claimants C. Civilian Employees D. Military Claimants E. Derivative Claims For Spouses And Dependents F. Retirees' Claims