A guide to DEJ in Los Angeles County

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What offenses are eligible for DEJ?

Only drug offenses listed under Penal Code Section 1000(a) are eligible for deferred entry of judgment.


What does DEJ do?

Under DEJ, you plead guilty to the drug charge, but sentencing is put over to a later date -- usually about 18 months later. You must abide by certain conditions, including drug counseling, regular progress hearings in court, and drug testing. If you fulfill the conditions over the prescribed time period, the charges are dismissed. If not, the proceedings start up again and you can be sentenced to whatever punishment that the law prescribes.


What conditions must be satisfied for you to be eligible for DEJ?

This must be the first time that you are taking advantage of DEJ. You must have a record that does not include any past drug convictions and the present charges must not involve a violent crime. You must not be under probation or parole. If the charges against you now also include a crime not listed in Penal Code Section 1000(a), like a DUI, then DEJ in not available to you.

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