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How to Plan a Safe Holiday Party

Posted by attorney Joshua King
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It's holiday party time; time to celebrate family, friends and good cheer. Unfortunately, a whopping 50% of all holiday traffic fatalities are related to alcohol consumption. Here are some tips on playing it safe this year as a party host or guest.

Hosting a Holiday Party

Planning a holiday party at your home? You could potentially be liable if your guests over-imbibe and get into a car accident. If you host a party with alcoholic beverages, keep your guests safe with these tips in mind:

  • Stay sober - you'll be far better-equipped to tell if someone is inebriated.

  • For larger parties, consider hiring a bartender to serve drinks instead of having your guests serve themselves.

  • Make it easy and appealing for guests to make non-alcoholic choices. Set up a non-alcoholic beverage station with juices, soda and coffee.

  • Provide plenty of food, especially ones high in protein and carbohydrates to help slow down the absorption of alcohol into the body.

  • Provide a ride. Have taxi numbers at hand, or if you have it in your budget, consider hiring a car service for later in the evening to drive guests home safely.

Attending a Holiday Party

If you are attending a holiday party this year where you know you will be drinking, here are a few tips to stay safe.

  • Bring a date who's the designated driver. Whether it's a spouse, partner, friend or anyone else, make a deal that if they are the designated driver for your holiday party, that you'll return the favor for the next party.

  • Drink plenty of water and eat carbohydrate-rich foods to absorb alcohol. Knowing your limit is important, as well as stopping drinking 90 minutes before you leave.

  • Program a taxi company number in your cell phone before you leave the house so you'll have it ready if you do have too much to drink.

  • If it's a company party, book a room at the hotel where the party is located or a hotel near the party.

  • Don't be shy about asking ask the host for help in providing a place to stay or finding you a way home.

  • If you have an iPhone, ** download Avvo's blood alcohol calculator, Last Call**. Last Call will estimate your blood alcohol level as you add in how much you drink throughout the evening.

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