Free Legal Consultation

Your car or motorcycle accident lawyers should ALWAYS review your case for free, either in their law offices, at your home, or at the hospital. Never pay a lawyer to review your car or motorcycle accident case.


Attorneys Should Take Your Case For Free

You should not pay for personal injury legal services in your car or motorcycle accident case unless the attorney wins money for you through a settlement or judgement.


Free Case Investigation

Expect your personal injury lawyer to cover all the costs of your case investigation up front. The investigation can include collecting medical records, police reports, and everything necessary to make sure your case is investigated thoroughly. Never pay for these services up front.


Help You Get Your Car or Motorcycle Repaired

Your lawyer should help you navigate through the insurance company's red tape to get your car or motorcycle repaired and returned.


Lost Wages

Your personal injury lawyer should fight the insurance company on your behalf to get you paid for lost wages. We believe this should be part of the personal injury service to you, so your attorney should NOT take a percentage of any lost wages that they recover for you.