4 Reasons to get an attorney to help you with Protection Orders

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What can an attorney do that I can't?

You might think that since you know more about the facts than anyone, after all you were there right?, that all an attorney can do is parrot things that you say. You are wrong. An attorney can object to things that s/he says and shut down him or her completely if the other side is not following the rules. Also, an attorney has experience in presenting important facts to the court and you don't.


Missing the forest for the trees

I can't count the number of times I've deal with clients who are caught up in little discrepencies and miss the big picture. The issue is not who said what to whom. the issue is making sure that you get the order you want or they don't get the order they want. An attorney will keep this in mind as and not get caught up with issues extraneous to the case. Also, an attorney will be better able to keep cool when hot allegations are being thrown around. If you lose your cool at the wrong time, you can lose.


Knowing the Law

You need to know the basis for the either getting or fighting the order. You need to know what you need to prove or disprove to get the result you want. The RCW's (Revised Code of Washington) contain the laws that govern these orders. Do you even know were to find the RCWs? An attorney will know the law, know what needs to be proven and be able to make the case go as smoothly as possible.


Losing your rights without even knowing it

You lose your right to possess a firearm under federal law whenever you have an active no contact order against you. This means you can't possess, own, or buy a firearm for this period. And if the Protection Order is permanent (as is possible if s/he requests this and you're not there to object), this right is lost permanently.



An attorney can be of great service for you with your case. Whether you are protecting yourself and your family or trying to keep yourself free from restraint, and attorney can greatly assist you in your situation.

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