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3 Important Facts Ellicott City | Columbia Accident attorneys Must Know About Their Korean Clients

Posted by attorney Jonathan Portner

It continues to amaze me that attorneys who practice personal injury law in Howard County and attempt to represent Korean clients having neither a proper understanding of the local Korean community, nor a good feel of what goes on in and around the county.

Korean clients are often well suited for jury trials. While insurance adjusters claim the language barrier is an issue in accident cases, it usually is not. First, the main theme that should be stressed with most Korean clients is they are hard working folks, often small business owners. In fact, many of our clients are members of the Korean Americans Grocer and Licenses Beverage Association of Maryland. Statistics show that there are 4000 businesses owned by Koreans in the Maryland region. Second, family oriented clients are viewed as trustworthy by Howard County jurors throughout the State of Maryland. Strong family values must be stressed by an injury lawyer who represents a Korean client. Hard working individuals who care about their families are of course extremely credible, and often hard to find as Plaintiff’s. Not so in the Korean community.

Third, Korean clients are often affiliated with a Church. In fact, statistics show there are more than 75 churches in the Baltimore region alone. Folks who go to church are often considered more credible. In fact, Bethel Korean Presbyterian on St. Jones Lane in Ellicott City, Maryland has the largest congregation with over 2000 worshipers.

It is often hard to find Plaintiffs who play well before juries. In fact, insurance adjusters argue that the language barrier makes Korean clients vulnerable in front of juries. They are wrong. Nothing is better than a client who is hard working, goes to church, and has strong family values.

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