2 Parts to a Missouri DWI

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Part 1: Missouri Department of Revenue and Your Driving Privileges

When you received your DWI charge the police officer, sheriffs deputy or state trooper most likely took your drivers license and gave you a 15 day driving permit and notified you that the Missouri Department of Revenue is suspending your drivers license. 1. You refused to submit to a breathe test- In this case you need an attorney to file a Petition for Review (PFR) in the county court where the DWI occurred. They would also attempt to get a judge to sign a stay order, allowing you to continue to drive until your case is heard. (Your permit is only good for 15 days and you only have 30 days to file a PFR) 2. You blew over the legal limit (.08)- You need to request a hearing with the Department of Revenue (You only have 15 days to do this). If you lose the hearing you can request a Trial De Novo in the county court where the DWI occurred. The administrative case against your drivers license are tough to win but not impossible with a knowledgable DWI attorney.


Part 2: Criminal Charges and Your DWI

DWI law in Missouri has and continues to be increasingly difficult to fight. MADD and other groups are continually lobbying the legislature to make the laws more strict. Fighting your DWI criminal charges could prevent you from going to jail, paying large fines or doing court ordered classes and/or community service. Finding a confident, knowledgable and aggressive DWI defense attorney is imperative in gaining favorable results in your case. If you choose to hire an average lawyer and take a bad plea deal, it could affect any DWI charge you receive in the future.

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