At the Scene

1. Seek First Aid immediately for any gravely injured persons. 2. Promptly call 911 to summon the police and EMS to the accident scene. 3. Cooperate with the police, but try to make no admissions of fault. 4. Get witness names, addresses, and phone numbers before those persons leave the scene. 5. Use your cell phone to take accident scene and damage photos.


At the ER

6. Cooperate with the emergency room medical staff. 7. Be truthful and thorough when asked about your past medical history and current pre-existing medical conditions. 8. Tell the triage nurse and physician about all your present, accident symptoms, no matter how minor they may seem at the time. 9. Don't exaggerate or understate any present symptoms. 10. If the ER physician takes you off work, get an off-work slip to provide your employer.


At Home

11. Schedule a follow-up visit promptly with your primary care physician. 12. Engage a PI attorney promptly to preserve accident evidence, get witness statements, and to deal with the adverse insurance company. 13. Don't provide a statement to any insurance company without your attorney's ok and preparation. 14. Follow through with any recommendations to medical specialists or for diagnostic testing. 15. Save any medical bills, insurance letters, and photos to give your attorney.