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Yesterday I was summoned for old home owner taxes for a house I have not lived in for two years. Can they do this?

Mesa, AZ |

Also They delivered it sometime between 7:30 and 8 pm. Is there a legal time frame in which they can deliver the summon?I live in Mesa Az.

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  1. Do you owe the taxes? If you owe the taxes, the fact that you haven't lived there does not matter. If a summons has to be personally served, the server has to find you where you are and serve you so that is not illegal.

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  2. I'm not sure what you are referring to by "home owner taxes". Property taxes are usually collected only from the property, rather than a lawsuit against you personally. Home Owners Associations usually can hold you personally liable for assessments and fees for the time that title to the property was in your name. This confusion can be resolved by looking to see who is listed as the Plaintiff. If it is Maricopa County, then you are dealing with property taxes. If it is some HOA, then you are dealing with past HOA assessments. I recommend having an attorney review the "Complaint" you were served with to determine what liability you may have and what you can do about it. You likely have several options, but if you were served the clock is running. You likely have 20 calendar days to respond in the lawsuit. Lawsuits like the one you describe are very common these days and I have handled many of them.

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  3. As long as a property is in your name, then you are responsible for the property taxes. The fact that you haven't lived in the house for two years does not preclude the county (or HOA) from seeking a judgment against you. You should seek out professional help before a judgment is entered against you.

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