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X baby mama drama

Killeen, TX |

heres the thing my husband haves a child with another women i told my husband i dont want communication between them becasue it has always been like that she needed something she used to call my mother in law and she called my husband so it was like that for years, no she is saying she would sue me becasue i would not let her and my husband have communication regaarding her CHILD so she says.....the child is 10 yrs capable of calling his dad whenever he wants..i just dont want comunication between my husband and my question is can she do something against me for not letting her communicate with my husband>???

ps..she said she would get a lawyer

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  1. Two parties co-parenting a 10 year-old child MUST communicate. They must discuss issues related to schooling, health, general mental issues, etc. By trying to interfere with that you are ultimately not acting in the child's best interest. The child deserves better.

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  2. I whole-heartedly agree with Robert!!! And you are a grown woman, shame on you! You may be a step-parent to that child, but you are not that child's mother, nor a party to that suit, so there isn't anything she can "sue" you for per se from the facts as you've presented. I will tell you though if you were in Tarrant County, you and your ex could be and would severely admonished by the court for that sort of behavior and it could have adverse effects to his rights. Communication is ESSENTIAL to co-parenting a child!!! Put your insecurities or issues aside and encourage your husband to have open, effective and honest communication with his child's mother.

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