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Wrongfully towed new vehicle, who is responsible for damage? Small claims?

San Diego, CA |

On 5/6/12 I bought a 07 Camry in California from dealership. I drove to my apartment rental office and requested an extra parking space until my old car could be towed away in a few days. He wrote down license plate and gave extra space. Also requested not to park my new car in old spot because ongoing construction projects and debris. On 5/10/12 I had voicemail from dealership they could tow away my older vehicle no charge but end of following week. I got approval from rental office. On 5/18/12 the dealership tow truck arrived and towed old car at 5:30PM and I watched him tow it away. Afterwards, I walked by my new car in additional spot and went into my apartment. On 5/19/12 at 1:30PM I left my apartment and walked to parking lot and my 07 Camry was gone. I called apartment rental office and was told it was towed away. Next, I walked into rental office for explanation. I explained my story and was told there was confusion about who owned the vehicle and new tenants had that spot. Next, I called tow company and was told I could get car that day at no cost. A rental office employee drove me to tow yard. I saw car and immediately inspected car and took pictures. There was damage done including front bumper scraped/cracked, left trim panel scuffed up, scratches on rear bumper, splash guard underneath had been damaged and dangling. I signed paperwork and drove car home. Immediately, I parked at the rental office and went into the office and I mentioned damage and requested new parking spot for my new car so it won’t be damaged by construction projects. I was given new spot the following day and have been parking there the past few days.

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  1. It is not clear from your post that caused the damage, whether it was the construction work or the two truck company. You are going to have to prove which of the two caused the damage as it does not appear they were acting in concert. But depending on the type of damage, like undercarriage, that may tell you which party is responsible. Ask your mechanic or body shop for an opinion the cause and get that person to testify on your behalf. Then obtain an estimate for the repairs and submit it to the responsible party or parties. If the claim is denied then bring the appropriate action in small claims court and list appropriate responsible party as defendant(s).

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  2. Whoever damaged your vehicle is responsible. It is up to you to prove responsibility. It would appear that the tow truck operator and his company are responsible. File a claim with their liability carrier.

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