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Wrongful Termination/Defamation

Irwin, PA |

I was terminated based on false statements made by my boss, to his superiors. He stated that I was leaving work without telling him(which never happened), and that I had a temper(which was completely untrue). He made these comments to his superiors, to our client, and to vendors that I was working with. Our client vehemently stated that they did not want me terminated, and vendors have come to me with the comments that he made. I live in a right to work state, so filing a wrongful termination will not work, plus less than two days after being terminated, I was hired by another company,. My question is, can I sue him for defamation of character, since his comments were unfounded and untrue? How does someone determine what monetary figure to sue for, if there is a case? Thanks!

Attorney Answers 3

  1. the good news is that you were promptly hired by another company and hopefully a competitor. you might consult with a PA attorney but my recommendation would be to avoid getting into a very costly, time consuming and unproductive venture. you are justifiably angry but the best revenge is to be a great employee for the new company. eventually your old company will recognize that and your old boss may find himself the victim of his own dishonesty. i say move forward in a positive way and avoid lawsuits when you can.

  2. Defamation lawyers typically want a $5000.00 retainer to begin, so unless you have sustained a significant monetary loss, the case could cost thousands more than would be recovered, but discuss with a local Irwin defamation lawyer

  3. I agree with my colleagues. It is fortunate that you were hired quickly. Move on and prove them wrong in your new job.

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