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Wrongful Death heir Agreement form, signed In February 2013, can one heir change it now.

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Back In February of this year all 3 of us signed an heir agreement form with a wrongful death Law Firm. At the time, On of my siblings believed there would be a BIG WINDFALL from this law suit and she would be rich off it. At this time, we all have been informed there will not be a lot of money but some money for us all. Now one sibling, is claiming she is 53 years old and never worked a day in her whole life, that my mother has been taking care of her since 1998 financially and that she feels she deserves more money that the rest of us because she can't support herself and never has. She is married, the other two of us had a special relationship with our mother, but we worked out whole lives, mother did nice things for us but did not support us. Can she get the 1/3 agreement changed?

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It is unlikely - but this is best handled through your attorney that knows the specifics of your case and this sibling bickering that has had numerous post here.



It is hard sometimes to ask the one attorney who is representing us all, so I have used this site to get info before I ask. Thank You for your post


Not based on the facts as you have presented them and not unless you all agree to modify the original agreement


with a new lawyer


She is most likely stuck with the agreement; although lawyers are paid to find holes in agreements, as you know. If she really tries to break the agreement, it will put the attorney for the three of you into a conflict that would be too great for that attorney to represent her (at least regarding the attack on the agreement). You would all have to get independent counsel, probably. I don't think your sister will go that far or waste the money she would otherwise get by paying it to an attorney to attack an agreement that will probably end up being valid and binding. Good luck.

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