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Wrong date on divorce paper

Paterson, NJ |
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My husband and I are getting a divorce. but while I was going through the papers, i noticed our date of marriage was wrong once on one paper. Every other after that is correct. since he's the one that have started this whole thing, Will he have to file a notice of errata or would it matter? can I file for it if it does matter? It'll be much easier if I did it.

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If it's in the judgment, I'd submit an amended judgment and correct it. Otherwise, it won't matter much. If it's in the complaint and you personally appear for the final hearing, the judge will permit you to amend the date on the record. This isn't an unusual occurrence.

No such thing as a "notice of errata" in New Jersey. If there was no consent to fixing the error, you'd file a notice of motion.

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I agree that it usually doesn't matter, especially where other papers have the correct date. I've seen filed divorce documents with more egregious errors. Sometimes they get fixed and sometimes they don't. What matters most is that your settlement agreements and final judgment are perfect. Good luck.

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I agree with the answer provide by David Perry Davis.

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As long as the final judgement of divorce has the correct date, you are ok.

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