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Wrong address and question about larceny.

Wilton, CT |

i made the biggest mistake-and im so embarrassed. I stole something from the store. it was 3 of us. in total for 578$ and they asked each of us to take the stuff that we stoled so they can see who took what and for how much, but it the paper they wrote the total but not amount of what each of us took. so now its 5th degree larceny, is there any way to make it the 6th degree because the stuff that i took was around 150-200$ .
Also at the store they wrote the wrong address. ( instead of dr they wrote ave) does it matter? and if yes-how can i let them know?-im not allow in the store.
one again- im sooooo sorry for what ive done! it was my first and definitely last time

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1. Hire a Connecticut lawyer. If you cannot afford one, apply for a public defender when you go to court.
2. Stop admitting criminal acts online and do not apologize or talk to anyone about your involvement until your lawyer tells you to.

Larceny 5 and 6 are misdemeanors. They are not serious crimes but are still crimes and expose you to jail time. In many instances, people accused of these offenses are able to resolve their cases without jail time. You did not state whether you have a criminal record (just that it was your first larceny) but you may be program eligible and thus able to resolve the case without a criminal record at all.

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how do i apply for a public defender?? should i do same day when my court is? does it mean that i will have more then 1 court?


Hire an attorney and let him/her discuss the appropriate charges with the prosecutors. If this is your first offense there is an excellent chance that the charges may ultimately be dismissed. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are many excellent ones here on AVVO and most offer free consultations.

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