Would my spouse still be entitled to both child support and alimony if she cheated?

Asked over 1 year ago - Attleboro, MA

I've been married for more than 5 years, but less than 10. My wife was caught having affair. She doesn't work and we have two kids. What am I going to be obligated to pay?

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  1. Karla Mansur

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    Answered . Infidelity does not play the role most people think it does in a divorce. If she is entitled to alimony then it won't be affected because she cheated, but she might not be entitled to it if she is receiving child support if you don't make over $250,000 per year. You should talk with any attorney about your specific circumstances. Best of luck.


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  2. Joshua N Robbins


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    Answered . I am sorry you are dealing with this. Infidelity does not impact child support or alimony. It will impact custody and parenting time. It may impact property division if she was using marital funds to further this relationship.

    I realize you are shocked and taken aback. The best thing you can do is to work with an attorney to make sure you start the divorce process on the right foot.

    I wish you all the best.

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  3. Julie Court Molloy

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    Answered . It depends on how much you earn, how old the children are, and how much you will pay in child support. Beyond that, it will depend on assets, each party’s educational and work experiences, and certain other factors.

    The fact she had an affair, in and of itself, is unlikely to be grounds to reduce alimony for “cause.”

    You should consult an experienced family law practitioner to review this with you, rather than attempting to proceed on your own.

    Best wishes and sorry for your troubles.

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  4. Anthony Rao

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    Answered . Cheating generally speaking, plays no bearing in what an ex-spouse would receive in child support and alimony, if they´re entitled to either. Of course, many individuals would disagree with this, but this is the general rule.

    I advise you to take a deep-breath, retain an experienced Family Law attorney, and make certain your rights and your children´s interest are protected.

    I wish you luck,
    Anthony Rao, Esq.

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