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Would my adoption trump temporary guardianship in california?from arkansas?

Rogers, AR |

i have POA,temp-guard and now permanent guardianship and still when i filed my PG in there court (california) i was told i had to get a court date fly out there and let a judge decide guardianship. far as im concerned my granddaughter is being kidnapped.she has been there since aug 18th with my permission.i didnt know filings where going on.she has brothers and sister here that are becoming traumatized over the fear they wont see there sister again.i found out i could adopt the kids in 30 days,also been told to fly out there and just pick her up.i only have 1000.00 to pick one of these california lawyers any help or free consultations out there? another email why are there different laws for each mom and dad of my grandchild want me to adopt my

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  1. You have a complicated situation. If you have a legal guardianship in AR, you should be able to get the Court that appointed you to speak with the CA judge where the CA guardianship is pending. There is a uniform act that addresses that issue. I am guessing that you may not be a court appointed guardians, but were nominated by a parent. That may be the problem. You also inquire about adoption. Adoption first requires that parental rights be terminated. In most states the parents who rights are being terminated gets court appointed counsel, you do not. I suggest that you speak with a local AR attorney first to see what your status is in AR and that attorney can file for instructions in AR assuming you have an AR case. You may qualify for pro bono representation. I suggest you contact a local legal aid provider of tr the State Bar association. If you do not have an AR case, you probably need to hire counsel in CA to address the issues pending in their court directly.

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