Would like assistance in finding lawyer to assist with a mental health case

I wasn't properly treated and would like more information about gettting help

San Diego, CA -

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Ajay Mohan Kwatra

Ajay Mohan Kwatra

Business Attorney - San Diego, CA

In order to prove malpractice, genrally you have to have an expert witness who can give the attorney that is going to represent you an opinion that someone breached a Professional Standard of Care in your treatment (I assume). You also have a Statute of Limiations, which limits your time to bring a law suit, if you cannot settle your claim, so do not wait too long to talk to an attorney.


Ajay Kwatra, Esquire

Richard Carl Binder

Richard Carl Binder

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

You need to sit down with an attorney ASAP. Use AVVO or local bar association.

Adam L Rothenberg

Adam L Rothenberg

Personal Injury Lawyer - Edison, NJ

Since you have not provided any information about the circumstances, the best bet is a search for local attorney on Avvo or Google it.

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