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Would it be worth suing H&R Block because of the 8863 snafu and other issues?

Spring Creek, NV |

Our tax preparer failed to list a dependent on our 2012 Taxes as well as include the tuition expenses for 2012. In addition, we are now well past the 21 days for our Return because of this 8863 snafu. I have opted out of the Arbitration Agreement and want to know if this is grounds for a lawsuit or should I cut my losses, amend the returns (there are several state returns as well), and ask for a refund of the fees paid for processing?

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    I would certainly talk to a tax-attorney. It is likely that the initial consultation would be free and cost you nothing. You may be able to recover for all the expenses incurred for having to file the amendment.

  2. You have the ability to file an amended return. So your damages are going to be limited to the expense of the amended return. You should just first ask them to reimburse you. If they refuse to do so, and the amount is enough to make it worthwhile, or if it makes you feel good to get in a lawsuit, go for it.

  3. Sue? Over a couple of weeks worth of interest, and a trivially repairable error?

    Your attorney fees will dwarf the amount you're suing for. The simple fact that you "can" sue doesn't mean that there's any significant judgment available for winning.

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