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Would it be worth me paying for a lie detector test when I go up for parole. I am under house arrest, my attorney suggest I plea

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What I took a plea on , never happen. I did nothing. Would it be worth if I paid for a lie detector test before my parole hearing? This kills me, I was the victim and still am. I want my name cleared and want this over with asap. My attorney scammed me for sure. Thanks happy new year

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    I'll assume you're referring to "probation hearing" since parole has been abolished in Florida. A "lie detector" test is not admissible in court unless the parties, in this case the state and you, agree it will be admissible. You're saying you pleaded guilty to something you didn't do and were placed on probation. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, unless you didn't pay him to go to trial and he wanted more money and you didn't have it so your only choice was to plead guilty. I tell you, if that happened I would be angry because you should NEVER plead guilty to something you didn't do. Although, honestly, I've seen it a lot. Anyway, it doesn't matter much if you got bad advice, I'm still going to recommend you get a lawyer and trust him and do what he says.

  2. We need much more information to answer this question. What would you take the lie detector for? Is it for a violation of probation of Community Control? For the original charge? What was the charge and what are you being violated for?

    All these things and more need to be discussed with a criminal defense attorney, even if you feel you were scammed by the first one. Please get an attorney.

  3. You can have your lawyer request a private polygraph at your expense. It will then be up to you whether to use it or not.

  4. Are you being accused of violating your supervision in some way? If you feel as though you were tricked into entering a plea or if your attorney made false promises to you, you can petition the Court to withdraw your plea and go to trial. You should be aware however that if you successfully withdraw your plea and are unsuccessful at trial you could be subject to the statutory maximums. I suggest you consult with an attorney who handles post conviction matters. Good luck

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