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Would it be beneficial to hire an attorney for a speeding ticket ?

Arlington, VA |

Got a speeding ticket (38 in 25) in VA. Have a good driving record , +3 (+5 being perfect) No record of speeding ticket last 11 years, according to DMV's diver's record, though I had one speeding ticket about 8 months ago (went to court & got it lowered to imperfect equipment). It doesn't show as a moving violation. Other than that, I haven't had a speeding ticket for 19 years!

It seems ever since I started driving my little BMW Z-4 last two years, I've been harassed by cops more times than 20 plus some years of my entire driving history...

Anyway, if I hire an attorney, what are the chances that he/she'll be able to win the case, or at least lower the charges? Also, would it be helpful to bring DMV record to court even with 'imperfect equipment' conviction on the paper?

Can you recommend someone around who practices around Arlington, VA? Thanks,

Attorney Answers 3

  1. A skilled Traffic Attorney should be able to secure a dismissal (or the eqivalent) with the facts you have provided.

  2. A skilled Traffic Attorney should be able to secure a dismissal (or the eqivalent) with the facts you have provided.

  3. I am a traffic lawyer and I do not recommend that you hire a lawyer. First, as a lawyer who has actually handled cases in Arlington, Arlington handles their traffic docket differently than just about everywhere else in Virginia. In the vast majority of jurisdictions in Virginia, if you do not have a lawyer, you do not get an opportunity to speak to the prosecutor about a possible plea bargain. Arlington and Prince William County VA are notable exceptions to this policy. So, if you are charged with just the minor traffic infraction of speeding in Arlington, save your money on lawyer's fees and see if you can work it out on your own.
    Note- don't confuse a Speeding charge with "Reckless Driving Speeding." Reckless Driving Speeding is usually charged for doing 20+ mph above the speed limit or above 80 mph in any speed limit. Reckless Driving Speeding is a serious criminal charge and I do recommend that you hire a lawyer for Reckless Driving Speeding.

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