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Would I possibly be available for alimony.

Chattanooga, TN |
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i asked my husband to leave the home in Febuary. He became verbally abusive and an alcholic. We were intending on him coming home was he was clean. He now wants a divorce. We have been married since 2000. I am a Type 1 diabetic I was hospitialized twice for diabetic ketodosis. <March and July>. I was also diagnosed with a serious stomach disease. As a result I have been put on disability for the last 8 months from work. I am making 1/2 my pay. I have attempted twice to return to work but have had to be put back on disability. I have worked at my job since March'99. I have one child that is from a different relationship. I am unable to leave my house 90% of the time.

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More than likely you would get alimony of some type. Please seek the help of a competent divorce attorney.

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