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Would i have a malpratice lawsuit if i can prove the medications prescribed affected my life (marriage,kids,etc}

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i was prescribwd xanax bars and an antipressant 4 yrs ago. before i was put on them i had a normal life after losing my dad 1st husband,my children to drugs and life that i had always known . i met a man and turned my life completely around and began a 2 year court battle to get my kids. took numerous hair follicle test and was employed and doing well for myself and ended up marrying. within this period i was having anxiety issues and seeked medical attention and was prescribed low dose of xanax and anti depressant. within 6 months i was put on xanax bars 4 times a days. my life spiraled out of control and slowly lost all that i worked so hard my kids,my husband,everything.when coming off the drug abruptly i had a seizure. i was not monitored during the time i took them and quit

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You may have a claim. These kinds of cases ca be very complicated. Your entire history becomes relevant.
You should visit a local lawyer to discuss your concerns.


Whether or not you have a valid lawsuit will depend upon a careful review of all relevant facts by a qualified attorney. Go to the AVVO site and find one near your home.


Winning medical malpractice cases generally need to have a clear and simple basis and very serious injuries. It's unlikely that you have a winning case. Prescribing drugs for anxiety, depression, etc. is more of an art than a science. It's very hard to sort out what problems in your life were caused by the drugs and what were due to the conditions for which they were prescribed.

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