Would I have a case against my Technical school to wipe out my loans?

Asked over 1 year ago - Waukesha, WI

I went to a Technical school for Drafting & Design, one that is often boosted about on TV. During my schooling, I was taught on draft boards and AutoCAD software. After earning an Associates and getting $40,000 in debt, and climbing, I searched for a job. The school career services told me they were helping but I got my job on my own. I was hired to be a clerk not a drafter. I have had to learn Solidworks and Pro/E on my own. I do not making enough to pay my mostly private student loans. My credits do not transfer to good schools because the classes are considered half-classes to other schools. This was not told to me at the interview process when I asked. Now I have to spend even more and go through 4 more years to get a Bachelor's. Can I sue to get my loans expunged?

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When I say expunged, I just want enough money to pay off the loans gained from this school, plus any accumulated interest. I graduated in 2008 and have had to stay in school to divert the loans.

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  1. Gregory J. Jerabek


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    Answered . It is very unlikely that you would be successful in suing the school for damages.

    I can understand your frustration with student loans (just about any young lawyer can), but if you could sue for being dissatisfied with your education I am certain there would be a line of people around the block waiting to get in and get their lawsuit started.

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  2. Nick Passe

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    Answered . The sad truth is many degrees aren't worth the time and money spent obtaining them. The focus has been on for-profit schools for varioius political reasons but graduates discovering they have dedicated substantial time and financial resources to get a degree which does not result in good-paying work is increasingly common. No, you have no case unless you can prove that a specific promise was made which was not kept. The economy is not producing enough high- or even medium-paying jobs and each business cycle it gets a bit worse for those who are getting started.

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    Attorney Nicholas J. Passe

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  3. Christine C McCall


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    Answered . There is currently a lot of political and legal activity pertaining to for-profit schools, and the activity level expands almost daily. Your best strategy is to Google the name of your school to determine if there are existing lawsuits against it on similar grounds. If so, reach out to the attorneys handling those cases. They will be in an advantageous position to determine whether you might be added in as a party, or can support a related claim or case. They will have the most active interest in developing your facts for a potential claim.

    Good luck to you.

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