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Would i get jail time from driving w/ a suspended license for a first offense.

Hartford, CT |

I was given a ticket for a red light traffic infraction in CT. Since i live in VA i sent my payment and pleaded guilty to the ticket. 3 weeks later got a court date for an arraignment. I called the infractions dept. and they said they forwarded the case to the court that something is wrong w/ my license. They did received the payment , check the bank , the check was cleared. CT DMV said my license is still suspended. 2 yrs. ago 2008 i completed a alcohol education program for first offenders. DUI case resolved. could my license still suspended from this.

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Yes, your license could still be suspended. If your license was suspended by the DMV because you did not contest the suspension at a DMV per se hearing or you did contest but lost, your license was suspended for a period of time. To get your license restored, you needed to request restoration and pay the DMV license restoration fee. If you did not do this, your license was not restored and is probably still in suspension.

Since you were charged with driving while your license was suspended for a DUI charge, you face a misdemeanor charge with a maximum sentence of up to one year in jail and with a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days in jail which cannot be suspended or reduced by a judge unless there is a finding of sufficient mitigating circumstances to justify suspending some or all of the mandatory minimum.

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You need to contact the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. There is a website where you may find an answer and will find the telephone number: I think the laws have changed since 2008, but I believe that after the administrative suspension that follows the DUI arrest, you have needed to pay a fee and file for restoration. If so, your offense would seem to be failing to have your license restored. Since, this is a careless error and the new charges are minor, an attorney may be able to help avoid serious consequences, perhaps without your having to come to Connecticut.

Your question may not be a complete or accurate description of the problem. My answer is not legal advice. No client/attorney relationship exists by virtue of this answer. Laws are different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and frequently change. Do not act on any information provided without consulting with a lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction who has experience with the kind of issues that concern you.

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