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Would I get any SSI benefits?

Mastic, NY |

I am on SSDI because of very severe hearing loss and depression. I am 62 yrs old. IF my ex-husband, of 12 yrs, aged 54 dies can I collect any SSI from him . Someone told me I may be able to get "surviors Benefits?" what is that? I only make 1012.00 a month. I read on line that I could get a job that pays less then 1000. a month. But then it says if SSD sees you can work they will drop you. I am so scared because I only collect 1012. from SSDI and no way can make ends meet. I am a nurse but with the hearing loss it is impossible to work in that field. I do not know which way to turn. do you have any answers for me. Thank you Arlene

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    The SSI program has two basic components: (1) being disabled and (2) household income. If you are drawing SSDI and your husband predeceases you, then the administration would evaluate whether you are entitled to some SSI. I think what you are really asking about are widows benefits. In that case you would draw the HiGHER of SSDI based on your own earnings and widows benefits.

  2. You may draw off your x-husbands earnings history. As far as working you may do so and still recieve disability. I believe the amount you can earn has gone up to $1080 this year. The only problem I see is you are more likely to be reviewed for ongoing disability if they see a steady work history. The theory is that if you can work a little perhapsyou could earn more.

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  3. Your question confuses SSI (welfare payments for disabled) with SSDI (disability payments to insured). You cannot get SSI based on someone else's work. You can possibly get SSDI survivor benefits from your ex. Also, you can work part-time on SSDI but not on SSI. gives an explanation of all this.

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  4. I agree with the above attorneys here. It sounds like you could be entitled to survivor’s benefits. I urge you to consult with a local attorney in your area now, or if you apply and are denied benefits to seek consultation at that point. You do need to be careful about how much you earn… any money close to the cut-off amount can result in your case being reviewed.

    This website has a great “Find a Lawyer” tool if you do not know of any in your town. Best of luck to you.