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Would I enter a tax lien on chapter 7 form schedule A separate from my residence?

Fresno, CA |

Im filling out form schedule A and have listed my residence...which has no equity. I have 2 tax liens on the residence. Would I list each of them separately underneath, or include the total of the liens in the "amount of secured claim" column next to residence?

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Tax liens go on Schedule D, secured claims. After you are finished entering all secured claims, you then total them for each specific item of real property and then include that total on the far right column of Schedule A.

I am happy to answer general questions about my practice areas on this website. . However as I'm sure you understand we do not have an attorney/client relationship. Therefore my suggestions do not constitute legal advice. I urge you to contact counsel in your jurisdiction from whom you feel you can obtain trusted information.

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You are STILL making a terrible mistake filing bankrutpcy without an attorney when your home is at risk due to tax liens.

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I appreciate your concern. However, I have no assets...nothing close to the amount of the excemptions Im allowed to take (unless they want an old car)....and there is no way this lien can be dishcharged because its a year + away from the 3 year rule. Would really like to know if I need to list the the lien on schedule A separate. Thank you so much.


I agree. Taxes can be dischargeable under the right circumstances.

Do not try this alone. You will more than likely regret it.

Good luck.

Please contact me directly with document for a free 30 minute consultation to get more concrete advice. This is not legal advice. I don't have enough information to give actual legal advice. I can only take the limited information presented and provide a framework to know how your situation may turn out. I may have questions that bring up issues you did not think were important but make a big difference.

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I noticed you are from Fresno, CA. I once practiced in the Eastern District and I have represented clients there in the past. I would be very cautious handling your own case and suggest retaining local counsel. I assume you are filing bankruptcy in part to keep your home. If that is the case, you need an attorney to give you the best chance of doing that. A trustee who wants to be difficult will pick you apart if your petition is poorly/improperly drafted.

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