Would I be able to get a morality clause included in my final judgement of divorce? I live in NY.

Asked over 1 year ago - Lockport, NY

I have 3 young children and they have been raised with Christian values. I do not want my children seeing either their Father or I either living with someone before marriage or having overnight guests while the children are present. How common is it for a court to allow such a clause, and if the clause is allowed and broken what could the consequences be?

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  1. Jayson Lutzky


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    Answered . If there is an agreement between the parties that would be one way to have the clause. The definition of living with someone is tricky. As far as you not living with someone or having an overnight guest that is you choice even if there is no agreement. As far as the court ordering the restrictions that you want that is another question and varies with the courts.

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  2. Maria C. Tebano

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    Answered . Without the agreement of the parties, not likely. Courts will not micromanage your relationships.

  3. Lawrence Allen Weinreich

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    Answered . If you come to an agreement that is fine. However, it is very unlikely that the court would impose such a clause as it infringes upon peoples rights.

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