Would Certificate of Good Conduct or Relief from Disabilities help me get psychologist's license in Oregon?

I have a 1993 felony (first degree burglary) that was expunged in 1997. This was in Santa Clara County, California. This is the only item on my criminal record and it was due to stealing my parents' VCR for a cocaine addiction. I was recently denied licensing as a psychologist in Oregon, partly because of my felony, even though it was expunged. I read about Certificate of Good Conduct and Certificate of Relief from Disabilities. Could I obtain these in Oregon? Would either one help me with my appeal to obtain Oregon state licensing as psychologist? I have Ph.D. in psychology from APA-accredited school. I understand that the Certificate of Good Conduct is necessary where there is a felony or statutory bar for certain kinds of convictions (1st degree burglary?). What does this mean?

Portland, OR -

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Malosack Berjis

Malosack Berjis

Personal Injury Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

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