Would a ch 7 personal bankruptcy discharge business(LLC) taxes and fees?

My LLC owes the city business license division $100 for the business license renewal. I have been talking to them about trying to pay it but would this fee be discharged in my bk? And I will still be able to obtain a new business license in the future with a new business? I also have IRS late filing penalty fees of $400 that I owe on my LLC. I have also been talking to the IRS about trying to pay. Would these taxes be discharged? If both fees can be discharged, would it be okay to discharge both government entity debts even after telling them i'd try to pay? Thank you in advance.

Santa Ana, CA -

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Arash Shirdel

Arash Shirdel

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney - Santa Ana, CA

Your business debt cannot be discharged in your personal bankruptcy, unless you have signed a personal guarantee, i.e. personally guarantee on a lease. In any event, even if the debt was dischargeable in your bankruptcy, the LLC's debt would not discharged.

Good luck to you!

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Dorothy G Bunce

Dorothy G Bunce

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Because your tax debt and business license fees were made by the LLC, not you personally, I doubt that they can be fully discharged by your personal bankruptcy. Even though you are a 100% owner of the business, an LLC is considered to be a separate entity.

However, as a practical matter, if you shut down your business, the debt may be virtually uncollectiable when you file your personal bankruptcy. I would urge you to obtain qualified representation to protect your interests.

Hope this perspective helps!

Theodore Lyons Araujo

Theodore Lyons Araujo

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney - Syracuse, NY

These taxes are probaly not dischargeable, but are of such a small amount that you should pay them anyway to make sure you are in good standing with the state and can end the corporation. You are not allowed to dissolve a corporation if it owes taxes, so they will continue to accrue even if they are discharable personally, which generally they are not.

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