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Worried about my case! Havent received blood results and video to court. Hired a lawyer but feel like he is not being productive

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DWI First offense, Been in Court for about 7 months already and havent received anything at all. I know this can take time but how long does it normally take to receive results? Can this possibly be a good thing or a bad thing? If found guilty would this be expungeble off your record??

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7 months is a long time not to have any video or blood results. But consult with your lawyer to find out if there are any extenuating circumstances. If you are found guilty then this will be on your record for life.

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DWI blood cases take quite a while. The DA cannot do anything with the case until the blood labs have been received. Has the case actually been filed? Does the DA have the blood lab and just not produced them for your attorney? Has the DA received the videos from the arresting agency? If you don't know the answers to these questions, you need to be asking your attorney. The DA cannot give the attorney something she doesn't have. There is no "normal" time frame.

A guilty verdict or a plea to a DWI is a permanent conviction that cannot be expunged from your record. The only way to get an expunction is by getting the case dismissed or being found not guilty at trial. Again, these are important questions you need to ask your attorney.

It sounds like you need to schedule a sit down with him. You hired him to work for you and you have the right to have him answer all of these questions. At that point, you need to either trust the attorney you hired or hire one that you do trust.

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Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, especially in TX (unless they're fixin' to execute you, in which case, giddy up!), but you should discuss these delays with your attorney.

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