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Worried about false accusation of stalking by a woman neighbor....

Tacoma, WA |

I am worried a woman eighbor elder than me can file a charge of stalking against me...
I like to have good relations with neighbors.. My wife warned me that she might be attacted to you..I ignored her warning but kept in touch with her but just as neighbor.

coincidently I went to local atm to change my pin as that atm was on my way to where I was going....and I found her there at the same atm so I said hi and asked her why did not I recieve any response to my email I sent her 2 months ago?
well she said she was busy..I said ok..take care..
Than laer that day, she sent me an email ' I yelled her at public place, I followed and I was stalking her'..huhhh
So, am worried she might falsely accuse me of stalking ...what should I do to protect myself from possible legal action?

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  1. If you are concerned about possible legal action, then promptly contact your county bar association for an attorney referral. I notice that this is likely your second post here on AVVO today. Put your mind at ease by working with a legal professional.

  2. Don't approach her anymore in public, don't send her any emails, and if you see her, leave. Some people are paranoid about being followed and she may not understand that it was a coincidence. Questioning her about the email after coming up to her at the ATM may have spooked her a bit. Just don't approach her anymore and you should be fine. So far, it does not sound like you stalked her. good luck

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  3. Wait to see if she files any antiharassment case. If she does, simply respond with the truth. Don't spend your time worrying about something that may neve happen. And take your wife's advice: stop talking to or emailing this lady.

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