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Workplace harassment

Cleveland, OH |

I was harassed at work by my boss. I have witnesses to verify what was said. What are my options. He called me terrible name in front of my coworkers

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  1. "Harrassed" is very generic term, more facts are needed. Was this harassment related to or based on, for example, your age, sex, religion, etc. Generally abusive conduct is not prohibited by law - the anti-harassment laws apply only if the conduct was related to characteristics protected by law (again, age, race, sex, religion, etc.).

  2. Consult with an Ohio employment attorney.

  3. I doubt that merely being called a name amounts to sexual harassment.

    The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.

  4. There is no simple answer to your question. "Harassment" itself is not illegal as there is no law that says employers have to be pleasant people to work with. On the other hand, "harassment" based upon a forbidden consideration such as sex, race, handicap, national origin, and a host of other categories subject to anti-discrimination and other laws can be illegal if it is very serious or pervasive, that is, repeated conduct that changes the workplace from being tolerable into an objectively hostile environment that has nothing to do with getting work done. Using the N-word at the workplace, for example, even once may be harassment that is seen as illegal in some jurisdictions but not in others. Making crude jokes about sex or a boss engaged in unwanted flirting once in a while may not be sexual harassment in some jurisdictions but in others it may be. Courts will say it all depends on the totality of the circumstances including the context of the behavior complained of. Without more facts being told, your question cannot fairly be answered, but at least you now know you should consult a lawyer if you feel a line has been crossed by the boss. Good luck.

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