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Workman's comp claim isn't being taken care of and I'm tired of owing on my bills when checks are sitting in my lawyers office.

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I won a settlement in july of this year. I have recieved partial payment. I was awarded ttd, medical bills and a small award. I got the ttd and small award minus their fee. Yes they took thier fee out before everything was done which I feel is unethical. They are holding three out of four of my medical checks and wont release them to me until the fourth check is rendered. My question is, since they have already taken their percentage out can they legally keep me from the other checks or can I demand payment.

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I am an attorney in Georgia. i would not consider it unethical for your attorney to take a fee out of the money that was sent to you for ttd and the award as the fee is a percentage of money obtained. What is unclear to me is what is supposed to happen with the medical checks. In Georgia, I woudl have expected those checks to be made out in the names of the medical providers and sent to them. I do not understand why the checks are not being sent directly to the medical providers. I would imagine that the lawyers want to make sure that the correct amount is sent for all of the medical payments before distributing the money. Good luck.

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Your workmans comp attorney appears to acting in an ethical manner.

Attorneys contigency fees are usually taken from the settlement first.

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