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Workman comp fee schedule for service

Stockton, CA |

I have a low back injury and before my injury I use to be very active and so the qme advised that I have a 3 month exerciser program to prevent flair ups and further injury. I was approved for a pain management program by the UR Board and the program is like 35k. The adjuster said I can go t the program but only willing to pay the fee schedule but all the pain management program are the same price or more. There programs are most for workmen comp and have great success rates so there must be a law that gives exception to the fee schedule ..right"?:

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    Since UR approved the treatment, you should not have to pay for anything. If there is a billing dispute that is between the medical provider and the defendant. Go get your treatment and get well soon.

  2. The fee schedule rules. Unless pain program accepts that, you have to find one that will.

  3. Mr. Epperly is correct that since UR approved, you won't have to pay anything for pain management.

    Ms. Harris is correct that now you need to find a pain mgmnt program willing to accept fee schedule.

    Mr. Epperly is correct that you also need to find a good WC attorney. Yoshida & Nelson are both very good. David Rockwell is one of the best in California. Find all of them here at or at

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