Workers comp will pay 90% I am to pay 10% because of my age? WC paid for my care/pain mngt. 1yr. Do I need representation?

Asked 9 months ago - Hooper, UT

This is a permanent back injury. Workers comp has covered my care so far treating pain 1 yr. Now they say because of my age they won't cover full. The injury is a result of doing what I was told to do at work. 3 Dr/surgeons said I need surgery. WC is suppose to cover my injury for life, as they told me.

My quality of life is deteriorated, I cannot walk correctly or sleep well because of constant pain. WC is awarding me an amount of $ and wants me to hurry and sign paper and send back to WC to receive award pmt. Not sure if I should as I do NOT agree with what is going on. I have waited to see if surgery is the only way. WC said that is fine but now wants me to pay the 10 % because of my age . How can that be done? How do I dispute what they say? Do I need represented?

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    Answered . WC insurance like other insurance companies stonewall and minimize claims like yours every day. Level the playing field and have someone fight for you; hire a workers comp attorney.

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    Answered . Since workers' compensation attorneys in Utah generally get paid on a contingency basis pursuant to administrative rule, it may be well worth your time to at least consult with an attorney. There is a lot of additional information that is needed in order to answer your questions, but those questions may be better addressed in a less public forum.

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    Answered . You should hire a worker's compensation lawyer to represent your interests.

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    Answered . Of course you need a good workers' comp lawyer on our side. Otherwise, you will be taken advantage of by the insurance carrier if at all possible.

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