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Workers comp time frame

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Is there a time frame in which an opposing lawyer has to sign a mutual agreement that has been sent to them. My lawyer sent the paperwork to them over 3 months ago. They have not returned them or sent them back as of yet.

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I would ask, what do you mean by "mutual agreement"? Is the case settled? Are there any complicating issues that could be causing the delay? Generally there is no specific time frame other than what would be considered reasonable under the circumstances. Speak with your lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the time frame. Good luck.


It depends since the other attorney may be waiting for his client to sign and return them.

Be patient.


Are you talking about a settlement agreement? If so, the opposing lawyer needs to review it and request revisions, if necessary, He or she may also have to have his or her orclient review and approve it and sign it or he or she may be given authority to do so on their behalf. If this is a workers' compensation settlement agreement, there may be Medicare issues involved that could hold things up. Having said that, you should inquire with your lawyer and ask him to contact the other attorney to put some pressure on to move things along.

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If you signed a Pink colored contract, that is a settlement contract.
I would recommend that you demand that your lawyer notice up your case for a hearing to push the opposing attorney to get the contract signed.
Normally in Illinois, your case will come up for a status every 2-3 months. Once both parties sign the contracts, they still need to be approved by the arbitrator assigned to your case.
Therefore, if there is an agreement in writing, by requesting that your attorney notice your case for a hearing, not only will this push the opposing counsel to sign off on the settlement agreement, but also set a date where your attorney can complete the final step of getting your settlement contracts approved by the arbitrator.
Only after both parties have signed off on your settlement contract AND the arbitrator has approved and entered the contracts can you expect the settlement check to get issued.

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