Worked as independent contractor and last two invoices were not paid.

Worked for 7 weeks as independent contractor acquiring pipeline right of way. Due to improper filing of environmental permit by employer four right of way agents have not been paid in over 5 weeks. First, second, and third invoices were paid. What can we do.

Huntington, WV -

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Elizabeth Tandy Foster

Elizabeth Tandy Foster

Employment / Labor Attorney - Dumont, NJ

you can go to small claims court, or you can go see an employment lawyer who will write a letter for you. I am not sure it is proper that you are classified as an independent contractor. You can discuss this issue with the employment lawyer. Im pretty sure you can get a free consultation. You can find an employment lawyer on, in the yellow pages under attorneys--civil rights/employment or by calling the local bar association. good luck, you should not have to wait for your money.

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