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Work retaliation claim Hello. Is there a legal way I can stop some one whit their retaliation

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I have worked for an Individual for more than 35 years. manager of a small group of houses including the place where I lived for all this years at a reduced rent in exchange .I'm a handy man by trade and self employed 90% of my work came from this individual.3 month ago I got a notice to a meeting in his office. on that meeting I was terminated as his manager
I was forced to sign a rental agreement for the place that I currently leave in .also was given a folded document that need it my signature in that states that I actually sue him last year. and that all matters are now settle I never sue nor even try.I was told that this measures were taken because my stepson sue him for state minimum wage violations
I was told that everything could return to normal if I help whit the demand

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It appears that the person for whom you work has fired you or threatened to fire you because your son brought a complaint for an alleged violation of minimum was laws. You should write him stating you revoke the document he nad you sign, as it was presented under false pretenses. It appears you have a claim for wrongful termination if violation of public policy -- you cannot be terminated for a family member's wage/hour complaint. I suggest you seek other employment and retain counsel to discuss the remedies you have against this person.

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