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Work release to home confinement

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after the inmate is already on work release, can a lawyer change an inmate from work release to home confinement? since it's already under the department of correction and not in the judicial, is their anyway a lawyer can make magic? what would the right terminology? is their any other option?

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    Was home confinment an option that the state offered? It is possible to do a modification if there is a good reason.

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  2. Not likely. You Have already been sentenced to a set amount of jail time. You would need to speak with the attorney about a possible modification of the sentence.

  3. You got jail as a sentence, you have asked numerous questions basically about getting the sentence reduced. You need to speak with your original attorney as to the possibilities for you. There are plenty of other attorneys in Orlando in the event you do not want to use the same one. But there is probably very little that another attorney can do for you. Once you enter a plea and know what the consequences are, and a sentence if rendered pursuant to the plea, you cannot go back on it, except under very limited circumstances.