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Work place violence/sexual harrasment ,can i sue

Philadelphia, PA |

Had a supervision jump off a dock where i work and push me,told me he wanted to kick my f----- as@ He also said he liked f##king old guys up the as@. Said to me he would like to shoot a creamy load in my a@#. I had witness.I told HR and made a statement. They reviewed it,questioned everyone involved,they all denied it and nothing done about it.Losing sleep over this,want to quit..what can i do?

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You should contact a labor and employment law attorney to talk about your rights and what you can do. Some attorneys will provide a consultation free of charge, and may be interested in your case on a contingent basis, meaning they are paid only if you win.

Answers to questions on this forum do not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Tough situation. Are you union? You may have protection under a union CBA.

I assume this is a male on male situation. The sex discrimination laws generally do not protect male on male sex discrimination, unless it is a failure to conform to gender stereotypes. This is a rare exception and probably would not apply unless you are gay or effeminate.

Better angle is to document in writing the violence and threats that occurred. E-mails can be good for having a paper trial that the Employer would have trouble denying later. The documentation may scare the Employer into ensuring you are protected. Be careful: too much push and you could get fired if you are not part of a union.

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I agree with Attorneys Eichman and Sweeney and would add that it would be in your best interest to try to obtain at least 2 or 3 “no charge” “no obligation” consults with Philadelphia-based employment attorneys. Those of us who practice employment law and whom answer questions posted here on AVVO are an excellent place for you to start your search for local counsel. The bottom line here from my perspective is that it's always wise to invest some time in an effort to become an "informed" consumer of legal service. Good luck and best regards, Rob Fortgang - Employment Law Attorneys / 800-932-6457 / / We can Help.

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