Work place harassment. complained of unfair pay practice and hrasmt

I was moved to a new area, my new boss did my eval for the prior year, I did not work long for him. He reduced my score, said I had taken 3 days, family leave,I needed to becareful as the team wants to follow me and im not the manager. He said him and the other manager decided some people meet expections, none exceed. The other manager set realistic goals as she wants people to succeed. I complained was moved under his bosses boss. The harassment continued, was asked to move out of my office, told we weren't welcomed there. I resided in another location in the same city and had half the team reporting to me. august the boss retired. I left on a stress leave. I was called at home and told i would report back to the manager, but he would not do my performance. same thing happen again

Seattle, WA -

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Kevin Rindler Madison

Kevin Rindler Madison

Sexual Harassment Attorney - Lakeway, TX

This cuts across so many areas in employment law that I highly recommend that you make an appointment with an employment law attorney and get some legal advice. Good luck!

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Harry Edward Hudson Jr

Harry Edward Hudson Jr

Sexual Harassment Attorney - Stockton, CA

Contact a local employment attorney. Not sure from your post that you have a claim. Think there are facts not mentioned .

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Harassment describes a variety of repetitive behaviors that threaten, disturb, or upset someone. Harassment includes unwanted sexual advances and stalking.

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